2018 New Year’s Resolutions

I think Harvard did a highly cited study that found people are more likely to achieve goals if they write them down. It didn’t say anything about blogging but lots of people are doing it so it must work, right? No? Well I’m blogging them anyway.

I like to start my new year slow, usually planting my butt in my chair sometime after the 6th, allowing myself to fully recover from the last year. Let’s face it, I think we all need a little extra self-care to successfully recover from 2017. Onward with the resolutions.

  1. Blogging regularly. Obviously. Here, I’ll admit it is pretty easy to take a step up, since I’ve neglected blogging since the early ‘aughts. Part of this resolution involves widening my content base because frankly, when I’m done writing, I don’t always want to write about writing or words or other people’s books. Sometimes I just want to write about my cats. Or the weather, or sports. Or my obsessive need to revise my planner.
  2. Less staring at social media, and none before noon. Another author wrote about this and I think I’m going to try it because it sounds rational. In 2017, I’d end up staring bleary eyed at twitter near tears, or in a fit of rage yelling about whatever political nonsense had happened that seemed like the end of the world. This isn’t good for anyone’s productivity, and it upset my cats. My cats don’t deserve that. Also, I’ll be using a social media app. FOR MY OWN SANITY.
  1. Adhere to a more organized workflow. I’m splitting my workflow into drafting time, revision time, research time, and social media time. In that order. I’m giving myself a shorter word count goal, and hacking the time I spend on social media, yet, I’m still blogging more. My ‘research’ category is sort of misleading to the average pedestrian, I’m including writing craft classes as research.
  2. I’m getting a move on. I have poundage to lose and I’m 40 now. I want to and need to integrate regular exercise into my life so I’m doing cardio and strength training. Basically, I’ll be doing treadmill and Pilates with some yoga mixed in. The biggest change is; I’m going to do this before I sit down at the computer and get sucked into work. I think it might work.
  3. Reviewing and reading in my genre. I’ll be reading in my genre more this year, but I won’t be limiting myself to ARCs. While I’ll still review ARCs, I have a backlog of stuff I’d like to read so you might see reviews of books that were released last year or the odd movie.


That’s that then. Onward.


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